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There is no better therapy than music to cut the daily monotonic chaos of life, office and what not…!

Music when entering the life of an individual made its swift entry in the app development industry too. Seeing the need of the individual, the music-streaming app development company like Appventurez took it as an opportunity to build music streaming applications.

But in the midst of the opportunity, there is already stiff competition dominating the market with great music streaming application.

If not to overpass the success of the well-known application, but to reach their standard, there are features that should be incorporated in the music streaming application.

Here is the list of features that definitely be added to the music-streaming applications.

Let’s get started-

  1. A perfect combination of UI/UX

Any feature in the application demands a cost that cannot be neglected at any cost. Before understanding what can be added to the application, get a closer picture of detailing everything about the cost of music-streaming application like Spotify.

 The cost cannot be neglected so does the UI and UX of the application.

When a user opens the application, make sure they are hooked with the UI of the app before getting a great user experience.

To do so, ensure that the app’s UI/UX is accurate, to-the-point, user-friendly, engaging and absolutely simple.

  1. Great onboarding experience

Among other competing application, when a user is downloading your app, do not over-burden them with lots of heavy onboarding experience.

Ease them by giving different sources to log in to the app. The sources can be social media apps like Gmail, Facebook, etc.

Apart from that, remember that the information you are asking from the listeners for future scaling and music streaming industry analysis is safeguarded from leaks and misuse. 

  1. Music playlist

Once a user is done with the onboarding process, take them to the place where they can choose their taste of songs from the library. Offer them the option of languages too.

But taking them to the selection phase does not mean they are bound to use only those songs only. Let them shuffle whatever songs whenever they want.

  1. Offer search and discover ease

The user should be given the flexibility of exploring the music of any genre you are offering within the application.

To make it easier, integrate the option of filter filled with “artists, genre, language, mood, song name, a year too”

Make no stone unturned to reach where your competitors are.

  1. Let users share what they are listening

In the era of social media activity, it is a must to let your users share what they are listening on their social media platform, social circle, etc.

Also, allow them to follow their favorite artists from within the application while making them aware of the updates of a new album or song.

This way, not just the song will get viral, your app marketing will also take place smoothly increasing the chances of app viraling. 

  1. Notifications that should not be missed

When a user is using your application, they deserve to be updated on any information taking place within the application.

The update can be about a new song or album or about the latest release of the artist. For taking the same thread ahead, never skip choosing the route of push notifications. 

Push notifications are the best way to make users aware of anything and everything inside the application while increasing the chances of app presence among users. 

  1. Let them listen to offline music too

It is impossible to control connectivity issue but it is possible to let a user stream offline music.

To let your listener keep coming back to your application, make sure to include offline features that can be downloaded once and listened without an internet connection. 

  1. Bitrate is important

Delay in service effects can affect the performance of the app for a longer time period.

Thus, to cut the issue, ensure that your music streaming mobile app developer is using a particular platform for downloading the app within seconds. Buffer and glitch-free experience is something that makes a difference between a great app and an average app.

  1. Quality of the app

Its the music streaming application, you simply cannot fool users with quantity by offering average quality.

There are apps like Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music which are serving users with great quality music.

For the same, choose MP3 format instead of well-known formats like FLAC, Lossless for offering a great quality of music.

  1. Personalization option

To engage more number of users, make sure to integrate themes and stuff for constant activity within the application.

Virtualization is the key to great user experience. Furthermore, try including song recommendations based on the location of the user.

10+1. Last but not least

Another miscellaneous feature that can add grace to the app are-

  • Letting users book tickets of the upcoming music fest in the city
  • A calendar filled with events
  • Options for chatting and messaging
  • Radio stations are a must

So, these are the features that should be there in the application. There are more features that can be included and integrated in the app, but these are the must-have features to indulge in.

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