3 Myths a Wedding Gift Registry


Before we get into the myths of a wedding gift registry, we need to know what a wedding gift registry really is.

A wedding gift registry is a link that a couple gets to add all the things they need for their wedding which takes the shape of a wishlist for their wedding. This link is then shared with their friends, guests and relatives so that they can get the couple what they want. This link can either be shared via whatsapp, email or facebook.

While it’s such an easy concept to follow there are a lot of people who think that it not be something that they would opt for their wedding. Saying wow to a concept is one thing and actually implementing it in your life is a totally different thing altogether. So here are some misconceptions /myths that we want to break when it comes to a wedding gift registry.

Guests don’t like to be told what to buy

It’s a misconception that wedding guests attend weddings only for the food. Most of them are interested in the couple, what they do and they also wish well for them. Such guests obviously also want to buy nice gifts for them. But let’s face it, with all the good qualities they are also very lazy.  A gift registry is generally the easiest thing for them to take a call on buying a nice gift for the couple. So while the  wedding gift registry helps the couple, it also helps guests buy whatever they want.

It’s rude to ask for gifts

It’s rude to ask for anything. But haven’t you heard of the quote, ask and you shall receive? A gift registry is exactly that. Asking for gifts that you will use. There are very few guests who would take offence to a gift registry. Because like we already saw, guests love it. Couples love it. So how is it really rude to ask for wedding gifts?

Couples can create only one type of wedding gift registry. Either cash, charity or gifts

No. Couples can have whatever they want. And we mean it. Be it gifts, cash, charity or everything together. There is no restriction whatsoever. Couples can add all they want to their  registry.

If I want a big gift I can’t add it to my gift registry since nobody will have that kind of a budget

Well, that’s possible too. With the contribute feature, it is also possible to add expensive wedding gifts to the registry. Multiple guests can then contribute to the same wedding registry. Be it a TV, home theatre, furniture or even honeymoon packages there’s so much that a couple can add for guests to contribute and buy.

So if you’re a couple who wants to create a wedding gift registry and all these questions have been floating in your mind, worry not and go ahead and create that wedding gift registry.

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