5 Ecommerce Tips to Prepare for Holiday Shipping

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Holidays are a crucial time of the year as a lot of is going on at the end of the year. The most importantly when the Christmas event comes closer everyone gets concern about ordering the custom boxes with gifts for their loved ones. Therefore being online merchants you have to be prepared beforehand for holiday shipping season.

Many eCommerce companies struggle hard to ship massive volumes of orders in a short amount of time but fail to do so because of too many reasons. By following these five simple tips, you will find your business going seamlessly smoother and shipping more orders than the last year. Follow these tips and enjoy a boost in your sales.

  1. Beware of the Circumstances!

It is the end of the season as well so you have to be clear and consistent in your communication with the courier party and your customers as well. As there is a diverse need for timely deliveries so you should know what the blackout dates of the year are. They are considered as official holidays everywhere. The most identified dates up till now are Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day thus the couriers do not pick or deliver on these days. You can use custom printed boxes for these events but you should mark these dates on the calendar so they keep reminding you not to make any commitment with the customers on these special days.

  1. Pick and Pack Nicely:

As the couriers have a huge volume of orders during holiday seasons so to avoid the risk of damaged packing rises. Thus to ensure safe packaging according to the insurance policy you have to make it more secure for shipping. Pirates are always around so encourage your customers to have their shipments sent to their workplace or a similar place where they can collect it safely. As sometimes the packages are burst on the way to be shipped thus extra packing will add more benefits to your goods you must also know some Printing and Packaging Tips. So, you can add extra packaging to your custom boxes wholesale like bubble wrap, Styrofoam and packing peanuts to protect them better. It may add a bit expensive to your shipping cost but there is nothing costly than the safety and the trust of the customers.

  1. Simple Return Policies:

Never worry about the post-holiday returns, in fact, the earlier you start developing the return process, the better it is for you. Make sure to make that your products are polished and up-to-dated to be sent to the customers. You can have an easy and simple policy page on your website that helps the people to come back to you if they are not satisfied. Another good idea is to include a prepaid return label, instruction, and packaging in your shipments so the customers can have a quick and seamless process to ask you for help. This can boost your brand and improve customer trust in you.

  1. Be Crystal Clear

Do let your couriers know about the changes in your business during the holiday season especially when the celebrations approach. Let your customers know in advance the shipping time and delivery charges if any, so they know you care about them and kept them informed for the safe arrival of their parcel. You can inform them about the delay due to any issues like weather situation and backlogged inbound shipments through email, social media and blog post. Clear communication is the key to success and long term relations.

  1. Memorable Customer Experience:

When it comes to holiday shipping the time is critical. You can deliver the Custom Boxes  USA in a deliberate way to enhance the customer experience. You can make them more memorable by sending something extras with every shipping they can be as light and noticeable like a tag, sticker or a nice key chain. This will ensure the reusing of your services again and again by the customers. Make sure that the shipping terms are crystal clear to your customer to avoid any misunderstanding during communication. Keep updating the social sites for the latest discounts and gifts that you offer with every shipping.

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