5 Reasons to Choose Linux for Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting


Installing a Dedicated server in your infrastructure? Well, the most likely reason would be, your business must have outgrown in size or you might be planning to rule the business with future perspectives.

Dedicated Server is one of the latest media for availing cloud hosting services, adding assets to the business.

A dedicated server is the centralized podium of services, that helps in regulating the websites, solely for an organization without any sort of hindrance from neighbouring websites.

A dedicated server is mounted at the infrastructure or offshore dedicated data center. It helps in managing the ordeals of an organization with optimized uptime and better speed for loading of the website.

But the major astriction remains the same… Which is the best OS for cheap dedicated server hosting?

Let’s discuss the panoramic view for why one must consider choosing Linux operating system for your dedicated server.

Major Submissions of Linux Dedicated Server in Cloud Hosting Services:

  • Operating System: CentOS, Fedora Core, FreeBSD, Debian, Gentoo, Redhat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu are some famous inlets for Linux OS in cheap dedicated server hosting.
  • Database: SQL 2005 Database, SQL Server 2000 Standard, SQL Server 2005 Standard and Workgroup are some common database offered by Linux dedicated server.
  • Memory: 2 GB to 48 GB, based on incurred Linux dedicated server plan.
  • Firewall: Juniper Shared Firewall, Watchguard Firebox, Dedicated Watchguard are offering for protecting the server from disturbing elements.
  • Control Panel: CPanel and Plesk are famous Linux based control panel for the system of a dedicated server.

Top Reasons to Choose Linux for Dedicated Server:

 The dedicated server is power-packed with robust SLA technology. Acquiring the Linux, as an operating system add lucrative sets in the response of services.

Following are the top rationales that could help the organization to choose Linux for your cheap dedicated server hosting plan:

·  Cost Friendly:

Linux is available free of cost, throughout the market. The cost-friendly feature allows cutting cost in OS, from the high concerned price structure of a Dedicated server.

If the organization want the addition of some features, one may get a license to the same for scaling the plan at cheap cost input, which you can ask from your hosting provider.

·  Security:

Dedicated servers consist of Linux as an operating system are robust in nature. They are equipped with the specialized feature, that offers security against malware, virus and Trojans. The Linux dedicated server is consisting of firewall and security specifications, to secure the chores of server for gaining inflated uptime, with no risk to a data breach.

.Technical Support:

Generally, when the organization install Linux dedicated server for gaining cloud hosting services, they are offered along with the assistance from the team of experts and professionals to provide support in hours of need.

The service provider of a dedicated server usually comprises of standard solution to escalating the experience of the website along with the business.

· Customization:

The Linux dedicated server is the vast pool for formulating the services in favour of an organization. Linux being the open-source software enable to create a modification, as per the requirement.

One can customize its feature, that suites the need of customer and organization, as well.

· Optimum Control:

The Dedicated server can also be considered as a private network of an organization, solely enjoying the facilities of a server. Therefore, if the organization finds any changing notes, it can take control in its hand, busting the myth lying around the context of ownership. It also allows to add-on for software and tools, concerning the matter from the end of the organization.

In Conclusion:

 Linux, no doubt is one of the most reliable option to go forward with the dedicated server. the combined feature of services and reliable notes help you to choose an informative pattern with cheap dedicated server hosting plans.

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