Are Artificial Lawns Worth the Investment?

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If you hate the garden work or staying in a climate where you need to water the dry lawn all summer long, then this is the time to switch. In the past few years, the artificial lawn in Sydney has gained high popularity. Though it has a lot of advantages other than having low-maintenance, it may have a few drawbacks too. So before making any final choice, it is vital to be aware of the pros and cons of both.

Maintenance and care

Real lawns need to be mowed during the summers, and you need to gather those dried fallen leaves in the fall season. It merely means that the natural park demands a lot of maintenance, more than a minimum. Periodic fertilization and watering it well during the dry seasons, adding pesticides to get rid of those weird grubs and insects, also becomes a headache sometimes.

If you are planning to replace your lawn with artificial grass in Sydney, then it is worth the money. It demands less maintenance, no fertilizing, mowing, or watering. Plus, the best part about the same is that it doesn’t attract any bugs or insects. Taking care of the artificial lawn is much easier as it doesn’t draw any mud or dirt. There can be situations when it might new sweeping or raking, but don’t worry, even that too is periodical.

Resemblance and feel

The real trouble that comes as a roadblock is that artificial lawns in Sydney or anywhere else might not feel like the real one. No doubt, the high-quality imitations are quite gentle and comfortable enough to walk on with bare feet, but still, people find a slight difference in both of them. And yes, they also add that it provides a soft rippling sound when someone treads on it.

Most of the vendors and manufacturers prefer to incorporate different hues of the blade into the turf to achieve a natural and mottled look. Well, if you find a less expensive and low-quality choice, it can be spotted quickly and makes a huge difference.

Environmental Impact

Indeed, it is a bit difficult to declare the winner while determining which type is environment-friendly. Sydney’s artificial lawns demand no water, whereas the real grass does. The fake grass holds a big no for insecticides and fertilizers, which saves a lot from your pocket. But yes, we have to agree that it requires some antimicrobial treatments to keep it clean and healthy. These solutions also keep the parasites and insects at bay. The biggest reason is that it contributes to the environment as it is prepared from the recycling tires. The artificial grass sits comfortably in the landfill, which is worth being useful.

Another advantage of artificial lawns in Sydney absorbs heat quickly, especially when the temperature hits 90 degrees and above.  In that case, it might need some air conditioning, while the real turf has a cooling effect.  Fake grass doesn’t require any trimming or mowing. On the other hand, natural lawns are clipped and reaped periodically, which somehow contributes to noise and air pollution.


Undoubtedly, the amount of artificial grass in Sydney is more than the traditional one. The old lawn involves dredging, layering sands, and leveling so that the rubber pallets can be installed over it. Considering the costs, remember that ongoing expenses are more in the case of real lawns. Whereas the artificial grass doesn’t incur any maintenance charges and lasts more than ten years.

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