Conn Trumpets

Conn Trumpets and Their Legacy


No orchestra or ensemble is complete until all of the instruments that are needed to produce a great sound are present. These instruments include all of the woodwinds and the percussion. They also include a very large brass section. One of the most important instruments needed in the brass section is the trumpet. Trumpets are a must have in order to produce a very loud and pristine sound that will add a mood to any song or sonata. They are a vital part of the ensemble.

Conn Trumpets are some of the most prevalent and prominent of all the trumpet brands that are available to musicians these days. Conn started when its founder, C.G. Conn, began a small shop in the late nineteenth century. About one hundred and thirty years ago, Conn specialized in the production of a new mouthpiece that revolutionized the army band. When he was discovered by a French musician, he began full production of his own line of trumpets. Every since the late eighteen hundreds, the retired Colonel Conn has produced the finest quality trumpets for sale.

These trumpets are very well known and have had a steady and growing client base ever since the company was formed. Customer loyalty has been very steady and Conn keeps gaining more and more customers because of its successes in developing one of the world’s best trumpets. The trumpet has been awarded with several honors for being exceptional, such as being awarded with highest honors at the Columbia Exposition in Chicago. This trumpet has not changed much over the past one hundred years, and with it doing so well, there is really no reason that it should.  Some popular trumpet include the Conn Director trumpet, the Conn Connstellation trumpet, Conn 22B trumpet, and the Conn Vintage One trumpet.

Conn trumpets does not only produce trumpets, but it also produces saxophones, French horns, cornets, trombones, and tubas. This company knows how to work and build a brass instrument, which is shown by its nearly one hundred and twenty years of success. This company truly is a legacy that will continue on yet for generations. They produce the standard B flat trumpet, as well as the not so common C major trumpet.

Trumpets are by far one of the most important pieces in a band. Without this one brass instrument, the entire band would sound much weaker and much less bold. The Conn trumpet produces a sound that cannot and will not ever be rivaled. It shouts above all the other instruments and produces the pristine sound that has been attracting audiences to concerts for years.

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