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 More than 20 crore people live in Delhi. So the city is called as the city of varieties. You can see the varieties of food, religion, traditions, clothes and even mindset. It became the state of variety because here people from different backgrounds live here. As food blogging on social media sites is a new trend prevailing now-a-days. So many people go to Delhi. To have more experience about the food, as there is a lot of variety here. From traditional food to international cuisines everything is available here. Even there is collaboration of traditional food with some international food to make food more innovative. Many such restaurants are opened.

So let’s talk about the new Delhi food walk. These are a s follows:

  • Chole Bhature is most famous Punjabi dish. And you must also try this combination in Delhi. It is one of the best option for breakfast. The deadly combination of chole bhature and lassi will make you highly satisfied.
  • Butter chicken which is popularly known as MurgMakhani in Delhi is one of the most delicious dish, one must try if he visits Delhi. Butter chicken was basically originated in Delhi. The chicken pieces in creamy gravy is heavenly delight.
  • Biryani is dish in which you can explore the taste of Indian spices. This biryani is made with the help of traditional methods. In order to maintain the original flavor of the dish, it is easily available in north Indian restaurants as well as Mughlai restaurants. So one must try this dish.
  • Momos a very popular evening snack. Not only steamed momos are available. North Indian variation is given to momos. Fried momos and even tandoori momos are also available. There are various stops where you can easily get this mouth-watering dish.
  • Shanwarma is an Arabic cusinine. This dish is also very famous in delhi. This also a must try dish.

These are the best street foods of Delhi. The food available here is cheap and delicious as well. Now we will talk about the nightlife of New Delhi. Bars and pubs of New Delhi are major tourist attraction. The atmosphere, drinks and food- everything is very well managed there. You come here, you meet new people, enjoy drinks and have fun there. These bars and pubs are mainly available in Connaught Place, Hauz Khas and Cyber city. These all are food walk new Delhi.

People come to Delhi, to give a start to thier food blogging career. In this, the food blogger visits different stalls, restaurants and even hotels to taste food. They eat the food there. They give their review on the food. Even tell where the particular food is available. Price you pay to buy that specific food. They post all this information on their social media sites. This technique has also made some of the unknown stalls of Delhi very famous as more and more people become aware of the stalls through the social media. Delhi is land of Foodies and variety of food. From unknown stalls to big hotels, all serve you with the delicious food.

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