Digital Torpedo Level

Digital Torpedo Level


Many people are not even aware of just how useful a digital torpedo level can be for their projects. Getting the best tool collection is the best way to make sure your tools can help you get the job done. In order to make sure your tool box is as complete as it should be, it is a good idea to learn a bit about this.

While the average person may have a level for personal or professional use, this digital type is different than your average choice.

Here is a quick overview of some of the details and features you can find on this. Once you understand it and begin to use it, you will quickly see how important it is to have. You will also quickly understand why this is the type of level engineers and trade professionals rely on.

A Look at the Details

Some features you may find useful on this type include:

  • High accuracy – Obviously one of the most important things you need when it comes to using is accuracy.
    • Switchable display – This means it can range between degrees or slope for whatever the job calls for.
    • Recalibration –This should be able to be done without the additional need of any fixtures.
    • Magnet base –This is important so that you can have the level magnetically fastened to any surface that would work with a magnet.
    • Buzzer – This is good to have so that you can be alerted to 0 degrees or for a programmed halt angle.

Take into consideration that you should also think about the size that you get. Get one that can travel with you easily but will also cover enough surface space. You may also want one that has the ability to freeze the angle display right on the LCD screen.

Other Things to Think About

Battery life is another feature that may be important to you. You don’t want to have to worry about your gadget being powerless or running out of power right in the middle of an important job. To help prevent this, it is a good idea to look for one that has an automatic shut off after a certain amount of time in order to prevent your battery running down on you.

Most people still like to have the bubble feature because this helps ensure that your reading is accurate and correct. Having both will be a good way to confirm this. On top of that, make sure yours will work for what you need to use it for.

You may be looking for a bosch self-leveling cross-Line red for personal use at home or for professional use on construction sites or other applications. Either way, you will get a great deal of use from this handy and reliable tool.

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