Effect of Influence Marketing on the Modern Day Marketing


Ten years ago, influencer marketing was limited to celebrities and a handful of bloggers. Now we meet influencers almost everywhere, in different areas and on various channels. If this method is so successful, it is simply because brands see it as an effective marketing lever. Close up on this trend become practically unavoidable!

What is influence marketing?

Influence Marketing or Marketing Influence is a set of techniques that uses reputable personalities or media to convey your brand’s message in a targeted market. Rather than selling directly to a large group of consumers, you inspire, engage and pay influencers to spread the word for you.

This new trend often goes hand in hand with two other forms of marketing: social media marketing and content marketing. In the first case, influencers are supposed to promote a brand via their personal social channels. With regard to the marketing campaigns by content, you can create the content yourself and ask the influencers to distribute it, ask them to do everything for you. Note that even though social media and content marketing often fit into influence campaigns, these are two fundamental and distinct assets.

What are the benefits of influencer marketing for brands?

We live in a connected, instant and highly influenced era, where marketing and advertising have made the biggest leap forward. Everything is different. Look at digital marketing. Advertising has become more subtle than ever. It has now incorporated amazing technologies and propelled the concept of influence to a whole new level: “The level of influence”. All this makes perfect sense. Influencers have all the attention of their supporters and this is something we would all like to imitate the public figures we admire. Like everything else, the magic lies in the “how”.

Choose influencer well

The choice of influencer cannot be left to chance, if you want your plan to work perfectly and you can see a positive return on investment, then you have to find the person who really connects with your audience and also enjoys that credibility of the one we talked about above.

Studies reveal that the big influencers have lost credibility in front of their followers and at least 32 percent of them do not even consider the proposal that the influencer makes and an even more revealing number shows that 61 percent of the followers of large influencers do not take into account the recommendation it makes.

In this sense, it is very important that as a brand you take the time to analyze if it is necessary to go to large influencers or if on the contrary it is better to invest in much more discreet influencers, but that they enjoy incredible credibility because of the proximity that still they keep up with their audience. So, this means that you will need a perfect Influencer Marketing Agency around your locality so that you will get optimum results from your Business.s

Of course, always remember that the content you must offer through your influencer must be of quality, that helps, that resolves concerns and that brings value.

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