Get Unique Designs Of Eyeshadow Boxes For Your Cosmetic Products

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Eyeshadows are a product of great liking among the consumers of all age groups and genres on different occasions. These makeup products are applied to make the eyes of the users attractive that are regarded as a symbol of beauty.

Extra glamour is added to this product of immense intrigue by using specialized eyeshadow boxes. These containers are available in all shapes and sizes, and endless options of customizations can also be applied to them to give them an extravagant look in order to garner the attraction of the target audience. Their size, shape, colour, style, and design can be altered according to the will of clients.

Need to pack product:

The whole beauty industry has become more diversified than ever due to the introduction of a vast range of products in the field by numerous new as well as old brands. If we talk about products for eyes, they are available in multiple forms. For example, the most common among them is the powdered way that is manufactured by pressing pigments. The liquid form product is also getting immense popularity among the users.

It is because they are easy to be applied by built-in brush or stick-on eyes, and it quickly dries, and thus, the time of users is conserved. Similarly, the cream form item is also available in the market and produced by numerous brands. This diversity of range compels manufacturers to use proper cosmetic display boxes for their adequate packing. If due consideration is not paid to this process, the item of daily use might damage and reaches the audience in a distorted form due to which the reputation of producers will be affected negatively. Other than protection, the unique styles and designs of these containers also tempt observers to purchase a product, and in this way, they prove to be a key factor in raising sales.

Piano shaped box:

The dramatic rise in the number of brands over the past couple of decades or so has forced companies to adopt smart strategies for packing and presentation of their products to buyers to give them a distinctive outlook and make them stand out in the crowd. This competition is observed far more in the makeup industry as compared to any other business because the products of this business are highly liked by users and are applied almost daily. Eyeshadows are one of the most utilized cosmetic products, and their producers are inclined to get such containers that can win the hearts of customers. One such unique design is a piano-shaped box. As the name indicates, these containers are in the shape of a piano.

They are comprised of three parts upper, middle, and lower. The lower part acts as the base of the case, the central portion is an expanded one like the tune buttons of the piano, and the upper part has a mirror to facilitate users during the application of the item. These containers are most commonly utilized for professional purposes in beauty parlours and salons. It is because they are bigger in size and contains a vast range of shades. They can provide as much as 180 shades. The lower portion that acts as a base also contains sponge brushes, and that is why these kits have great significance among professionals.

Flat plate structure:

Life of almost all individuals in this age has become hectic due to the hectic routines of their personal, professional, and social lives. They might afford to go to parlours for dressing them up for special occasions, but in regular days, it might be a hard nut to crack as they cannot compromise their time. Hence, they look for such encasements that can be used at homes.

This need can be fulfilled by the flat plate structure of eye shadow containers. These are comparatively smaller in size, flat in shapes like a tray or plate, and contain ten to twelve shades. Depression can also be formed on the inner side of the case for placement of brush. They are usually manufactured from thick plastic. Their external surface can be printed in numerous themes to make them more appealing. The name of the company can also be written on these custom printed boxes to create enthusiasm among brand-conscious persons.

Large window panel:

The addition of a window on encasements of retail items seems to be an extremely efficient way of raising the worth of objects in the eyes of customers and also to exhibit a unique approach. In the case of eye shadow boxes, this structure can be realized in the form of a large window panel. The lower part containing various shades is made up of plastic, while the upper end is manufactured from transparent glass. These coverings are larger in size and are placed on main counters of stores to create appealing effects for visitors.

This glass is usually in the form of a semi-curved structure. But the safety of the products might be at stake due to this lovely but fragile structure. Glass is a highly brittle substance, and that is why these cases are further placed inside strong and sturdy cardboard boxes that provide extensive protection, especially during transportation from one place to the other.

Metallic folding cases:

The makeup industry usually utilizes plastic or glass containers for the packing of its production. But this monotony can be broken, and the use of hard cases can exhibit creativity.

These encasements are shiny due to the natural lustre look of metal. They can be transformed in the form of folding containers, and an auto-lock system can be added to add protection.

Round revolving structure:

Sometimes, people going on a distant trip or tour need beauty products to refresh their look. Like all other stuff, they are also in need of shades of eyes. They always want their products in lovely packing so that observers present around might be impressed. This purpose can be accomplished by using round revolving structures.

They resemble a cricket ball in shape and size. The upper end is secured by a cap, while the lower part is revolved to pull out stuff. They can be placed in handbags along with a brush and can be utilized as and when required.

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