Hearing Protection Devices

Hearing Protection Devices


Hearing Protection Devices will be efficient products that can protect your hearing in noisy work environments. In fact, these hearing protection devices will be effective if they are utilized properly sized and carefully fitted into or over the ear. Some common options of those products are earplugs and earmuffs and both of them are divided into some categories.

If you are interested for having these hearing protection devices, you need to be certain that you make the right option for you. If you confuse to determine the best product for your needs, you should have enough knowledge about them. For helping you to make your option, this article will give you a good review about some options of those devices.

Peltor Electronic Hearing Protection Earmuffs with Gray/Black Finish Md: 97044

That product is the first selection of hearing protection devices you need to consider for fulfilling your needs. This product is usually utilized by police departments, SWAT teams, and investigation units that will allow you to hear conversations and sounds from a distance safe and out of sight.

This product is created to low noise levels of 82 dB or more thus giving excellent hearing protection. This unit also features stereo microphones for directional sensitive sound, long life battery power, easy to use volume control and padded stainless steel headband.

Black SG-31 ZEM SensGard Hearing Protection Device NRR 31 DB

Black SG-31 ZEM SensGard Hearing Protection Device NRR 31 DB is the next option of hearing protection devices you can shop for. It is created for high intensity noise environments. It provides the patented Zwislocki protection from damaging noise while allowing speech and other useful sounds to be heard. This unit also includes Replacement Cuff 4-Pack.

Earmuff Hearing Protection

Earmuff Hearing Protection is also another selection of hearing protection devices you have to take for your needs. It features universal adjustment for under the chin, over the head or behind head wear. Purchasing this item means that you will get the right help for the healthy of your hearing.

Grey SensGard ZEM Hearing Protection Device NRR26 DB

Also, you could select Grey SensGard ZEM Hearing Protection Device NRR26 DB as the right selection of hearing protection devices for your needs. This item is amazing product and it will allow the wearer to block damaging noise while still hearing useful sounds like speech and warning signals. By using this unit, you have already done the right thing for maintaining your hearing.

Peltor High-Viz Optim II / earlaps

Peltor High-Viz Optim II / earlaps are a good option of hearing protection devices that is reviewed in this article. This item is advised for the use at civil airports (aerodromes), forestry engineering industry, road-building and concrete processing. This unit is able to give comfort and compactness. Steel and thin headband will allow wearing the earlaps together with head-dress.

Earlaps with fixing on helmet SUPER BOSS

Earlaps with fixing on helmet SUPER BOSS is the last option of hearing protection devices that you can see in this article. It is advised for using in working conditions with increased noise load. This unit is a light and has low tightness. This product features smooth adjustment of the size and soft removable cushions.

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