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How can you Manage your Online Business?


Building a strong foundation for your online business is critical to its long term success.  A business can only grow so far. The role of the Online Business Manager is to ensure that all business systems, procedures, and tools are in place and functioning smoothly.  This will bring peace of mind to the business owner knowing that everything is under control and the business can handle taking on more projects and clients to grow their business.

A great first project for your new business manager is the creation of a Standard Operating Procedure manual. Many small business owners can see the benefit of having one, but can never find the time or inclination to create one.  Usually, it is quite a relief to the business owner having someone take on the project of creating one. Tina Forsyth mentions in her book; “Becoming An Online Business Manager” that a business is really not grown up until it has an SOP.

Create Best SOP 

What happens if there is an emergency and you cannot pay as much attention to the business as you normally would. An SOP saves you time and money because all procedures are documented and systems are automated.

Less time (time is money) for training new team members. Less time searching for important information related to repetitive tasks and projects. You will typically pay less for an automated system than for a person to do the same task. The busy business owner can actually take a vacation and not worry about what is happening at the office. As you can see from the few examples listed above having an Online Business Manager adds value to your business by getting your operations under control and creating a strong foundation so that you can grow your online business to new heights.

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Manage Your Speaking Engagements

Welcome back to “What Can An Online Business Manager Do For Me?”

Last week I shared with you how an Online Business Manager (OBM) shows up for you in your online business by managing your speaking engagements.

Today, we are going to talk about an Online Business Manager who can help you implement those marketing strategies that you and your coach have decided will reach your vision and goals for your business.

Manage Your Marketing Implementation

Are you on information overload when it comes to marketing your business?   If you are you are not alone. I hear from business owners almost every day that they are confused about what marketing tools to use and can’t find the time for the learning curve and implementation.

Many business owners are challenged with the marketing piece of their business.   It is a time-consuming` process to learn the right marketing skills, stay on top of new marketing technologies and strategies, and certainly the implementation.

The good news is that if you are a business owner trying to grow your business – you are officially off the hook!  I highly recommend that you work with a coach, consultant or strategist to create an overall marketing strategy for your business.  After that, speak with various virtual professionals who specialize in the various tactics that the strategy calls for. They can implement according to your strategy.

Hire Expert Operation Officer 

You may decide that you would want to manage the hired resources yourself – which I do not recommend if your budget allows.  Remember you need to stay focused on ONLY what you can do in your business to deliver and generate revenue. When you are implementing or managing you are taking away from that otherwise revenue-generating time. It takes longer to grow your business when you are buried in day-to-day operations, projects, and management.

About this time you may be thinking to yourself that you cannot afford what I am recommending.  I say that you cannot afford not to. As many before me have stated, time is money.

Presently here’s the manner by which an Online Business Manager can help you by ensuring that things complete and as per the general promoting technique. IBM’s deal with the everyday execution of your general advertising technique which incorporates such strategies as: 

  • Joint Venture Marketing 
  • Article Marketing 
  • Sound/Video Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Attention and PR 
  • Web optimization and Pay per Click Marketing 
  • Internet-based life 
  • Speaking Engagements 

Some of the ways that we manage are

  • Establishing a team to take care of the ongoing marketing activities (as required)
  • Reviewing autoresponders and follow-up sequences on a regular basis (for outdated information and accuracy)
  • Reviewing up-sell opportunities in the buying process
  • Reviewing pink spoon “freebies” for refreshment.


Have you been following the series and considering an Online Business Manager?  I would love to speak with you and help you determine if your business is ready for an Online Business Manager or another virtual professional.  One way or the other you need to get the right resources in place so that you can manage and grow your business easier than you have been. If you have any queries then please write a comment below of this article. I will reply to your concern as soon as possible.

Deepak Kumar Pandey was born and raised in Lucknow (U.P). I am a self-published author of “A Journey: Steps to Success”. I am working as Digital Marketing Executive with Kap Enterprises which includes brands like Kapsystem, Best Call Center, Arishna Digital and Arishna Data and writing content for Best Data Provider.

I like to do creative things, and book review of new upcoming published write up and novels. I have also published some of my own Author Interview in Some of News Magazine and E-Papers. I am currently residing in Bangalore City.

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