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How to have Perfect CyberSecurity on Your Smartphone


In this day and age, it is guaranteed that almost all of us have smartphones. Now apart from being a device that connects us socially, it is also a device that helps us in our daily life tasks. Smartphones are devices that make our lives much easier.

Back in the day, when only big brands like Samsung or Apple were there in the market to provide cell phones, now there are many. You see brands like Huawei, Vivo or that are definitely coming up with something new and that too at reasonable prices.

However, the devices that connect us all over the world in a few seconds, can also become dangerous when it comes to data and information. We don’t even realize it, but almost every one of us has some very important information saved on our smartphones. The hackers all around the world have been cyber attacking and stealing our crucial information. 

So, what can be done to be protected from those cyberattacks? Well, there are some ways that we would tell you to enhance the cybersecurity on your phone. You wouldn’t have to worry about your information getting stolen if you follow these tips and hacks. 

Lock your Phone 

There are a lot of times when we tend to take locking our phones very lightly. However, it should be the top thing to be done when you are not using your phone. When your phone would be locked, the hackers or the people who are looking out for your information will have great difficulty in stealing your data.

When the phone is locked, not only the people trying to break it from the outside couldn’t get in but also the people who are using various software and codes can’t access it. Hence, to stay safe always secure your phone by locking it.

Use Secure Pins

Using difficult or perplexing pins are always recommended for any security. It helps you in securing your device more. Ever wondered why your bank sites or any other phone security would keep on asking you to go random with your pins and codes? It is because it increases the security of your phone or any banking app. Guessing a password that is random would be much more difficult as compared to a simpler pin or password. Always go for random pins and codes. 

Update your Operating System(OS)

There is a big reason why an update notification for the operating system keeps on popping on your phone. We usually think that updating the operating system would just be comprised of new features or app updates. But the update also includes more security for your smartphone. 

It is highly recommended that you regularly update your phone because it would decrease the chances of any virus or hacker getting into your system, by enabling high security. People worry about the updates taking more storage on their phones and thus would be less storage to save the data, which is wrong. The new updates make your phone much stronger to stay away from all the threats and vulnerabilities. 

Use trusted WiFi

Public networks are never safe. You might not know this but when you are transferring your data from one place to another, there might be a lot of loophole between that can result in your data getting stolen. Avoid using public Wifi because they are not trusted. 

You would be sharing your data, and without realizing it, the data can be stolen from another source. Never ever share passwords or important pins while you are on a public network. Also, never access to your banking app or website when you are on a public network. 

Look out for Fake Apps

Making an app has become very easy now. You don’t have to be a big software house to develop your app and then make it available for public use as well. Now iPhone users do have a bit benefit over here as the App Store doesn’t accept any other app that isn’t shared by a verified developer. However, Android users have to be a lot more careful when they download apps that aren’t verified. Many hackers are making fake apps to break and get into your system. The hackers can easily send viruses or other threats on your phone as well. 

Enable Authentic Verification 

You should always have a two-factor authentic verification stored on your devices and apps that wouldn’t allow any threat to enter your smartphone. It is something that would not only protect the data on your smartphone but you would also be saving data on your social media apps.

The hackers can very easily transfer your information from your social media apps to any other source. However, with the verification code, your data would be saved as you can be the only one to receive the code and then access it. 

These were some of the easy and handy tips that would help you to increase cybersecurity on your phone. You should never be trusting the third-party apps that can get your information or access your data from the servers. Always make sure that you have a secure network on which you are sharing your information.

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