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Conversion optimization can help you a lot in getting more traffic to your site. And this will result in generating more earnings. Conversion optimization may be an expensive and time-consuming process. You have to spend more money on conversion rate optimization. But what to do if you have not enough budget to spend on conversion optimization.

Before going into depth, we will get to know what is Conversion optimization and related terms. And we will also take a look at the tips for improving Conversion Rate Optimization.

What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion OptimizationIt is the process of reviewing the sales funnel of the website to figure out the best strategies you may apply to enhance the leads.

Objective – The main goal to strengthen your conversion optimization to drive more web traffic, enhance leads, and convert site users to paying users.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate – It is the ratio of visitors and users who completed your desired tasks.

Conversion Rate Optimization – It consists of a user’s comprehensive knowledge of the site and behavior of visitors.

Why is Is conversion Optimization Rate so important?

Conversion Rate Optimization is important because it assists you in generating more leads and improves sales using existing traffic. In this case, you don’t need to pay extra for advertisements. What it means that you can make additional money using existing traffic. For a generation, more leads for your business.

Tips for Having Effective Conversion Optimization Rate

Now we analyze will few factors which lead to slow traffic and what strategy you may adopt to improve that thing. Here are as follows: below are few tricks that can be use

Analyze the Speed of the Website

Need to Analyze the Speed – The speed of the website tells how much a website takes to load the page. Users always expected to get results within a second. If not get the desired results, the visitors immediately leave that site.

How to improve the speed of the site? – You can do this by using the following methods.

  • Use – Enter your site URL here and within a second you would get the performance report of the site. It is basically a guide to improve website performance. It provides links from the lowest to the higher grade. Just by clicking on that links you may get complete info to improve the site performance.
  • Pingdom’s website speed test – It provides you a similar set of results and recommendations.

You must take note that a website would have different loading times. And it depends upon when and where you test it.

Run a Survey

The objective of Conversion Optimization – to get more traffic from the existing visitors.

 How to accomplish this? – You need to make some improvements to the site.

Where is the best source to make improvements? – Your website users or people who come to interact with the site to do something.

What did they need to do? – They need to Analyze qualitative or quantitative data. Qualitative data – It is the user experience which they share with you. Quantitative data – It is data like the number of impressions.

What action needs to employed? 

  • You can add a survey to your site to get real-life actionable insight. A simple survey can assist you in understanding why the people are on your site.
  • For instance – SurveyMonkey survey you may add to your site.
  •  By analyzing the results, you need not take action on a single survey. You can do major changes to your site after analyzing the hundreds of results of the survey.

Build a Conversion Funnel

Conversion Funnel – It is the best way to have a conversion strategy.

How to setup Conversion Funnel? – By using Google Analytics. Just by a basic understanding of Google analytics, you may create a conversion funnel.

Advantage of Conversion Funnel – It allows you to visualize the conversion process.

How this visualize data help you? – It will assist in making improvements to the process. It is a preferred recommendation. It is free and quick.

Figure out what users are doing on the site?

How can be one know? – Using the survey, you can get more info like that:

  • What the users are doing on the site.
  • What buttons do they click?
  • What paths do they take?
  • Time spent by the users on the site 

How it can be achieved? – By using:

  • Google Analytics – But it provides only quantitative data. You need a qualitative assessment too.
  • Crazyegg – It provides you both qualitative & quantitative data.

How they are important? – It provides info like areas of a page that people clicked on, how visitors come to the site, etc.

Run Experiments in Google Analytics

How to run experiments? – You can do by Split testing tools and Google Analytics tools. But one thing you need to know that these splitting testing tools charge you more, not Google Analytics.

How easy to use them? – The splitting testing tools are not easy to use. But with Google Analytics, you may do the split and multivariate testing of conversion elements with ease.

Google Experiments – It assists you to test the page elements. You can also set analytics goals to determine pages per session or session duration.

Test a Conversion Element on Five Second Test

You can test the conversion element with the aid of the Five Second Test.

Five Second Test – It is a free & an an easy approach to test the components of the site.

How do things are carried in the Five Second Test? – You need to upload the screenshot of the site. And a test will be sent to test takers. The tester may get five seconds to answer the questions and view the screenshot.

The objective of the test – To get impressions of the website.

Test the Right Things

All tests do not produce the desired results. Some test produces zero results. Some are a waste of time. To reduce cost and enhance the visitor’s time on the site, you need to focus on following tests like Headings, Form fields, testimonials, Trust symbols, checkout process, call to action buttons, etc. By analyzing the results of the above, you may think of some improvements on the site to more traffic on the site.

Optimize for Revenue, Not Conversion

You must need to keep in mind that you are getting the desired revenues. It is not compulsory to get higher conversion rates. If you not getting higher revenues, this means that site conversion is not much effective. So, you need to get the desired results by doing some improvements in conversion elements.

Create a Testing Schedule

You need to carry out a split-testing schedule. This will help in enhancing the conversion rates. If you own a split testing, and not using it effectively or timely, then it will let you back. And you will not get much traffic on your sites that you were expecting.


Conversion optimization is a simple way to optimize website performance to drive more traffic on the site to earn more via the site. You may achieve this using simple tools and techniques. We are the leading digital marketing agency in the Delhi NCR region for perfect and result oriented digital media campaign to get in touch with creative thinks media  

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