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How to Save your Money on Black Friday Sales

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The first step should always be to set your budget priorities right. A lot of people do not take this simple and necessary step into account and end up spending much more than they can afford.

Make a list of the people you want to give gifts to for Black Friday sale 2019. If you do not prepare a list of these people, you might end up gifting those whom you could have avoided. When you prepare the list, check it twice, or more. Among the people in the list, prioritize those that you are the closest to. This will let you cut extra people easily.

If you have exhausted your finances before you reached the end of the list, understand that you need to trim it down. If you do not want to trim because everybody in the list carries equal importance for you, you can do things for them that do not involve any money being spent. For instance, babysitting for them.


It is better, to be frank with your loved ones than taking a hit on your budget. It is not necessary to buy gifts for them. You can spend time with them and that is sometimes even more important than handing them a gift.

Using a prepaid card can be beneficial here too. Instead of using debit-card, use envelopes for handing out cash. This will ensure you are spending while staying within your limits.

Crack the Retail Game:

It is a no-brainer that retailers want to sell you their stuff using several ways. That is what literally a sale is for. They use different tactics to extract as much cash from your wallet as possible.

They deploy a lot of effective psychological methodologies to attract consumers. One of these techniques is to place the cheapest item at the front using attractive Product Packaging. When customers see these items, they are tempted to buy them. This technique lets retailers kick the process off. That process, once started, keeps going on. Consumers keep spending more and more.


Similarly, the put cheaper items such as candies at the checkout to extract as much as they can from your total. But this technique is obvious. There are some other ways stealthier than this.

Before the sales kick-off, stores could inflate the prices of certain items and bring them down during sales either to their actual value or to the value being offered by other stores. Even a lot of famous brands do this. They hire Printing Services to print the new packaging for them. One way to tackle this is to check the prices of the items you want to buy way before the sales start. This will let you determine the price difference at the time of sales.

You do not have to become prey to these strategies. Intelligent customers know how to deal with these situations. For example, if you put an item in your cart but do not buy it, you are offered a cart abandonment discount by other brands. You can then calculate the prices of these alternative stores while adding the abandonment discounts, and then make your final decision. Upon doing some of this math, you can save yourself a lot.


Do not Fall for Everything:

Sales mean sales, right? Not exactly. The word sale can have different connotations and limitations. For instance, an item on sale right now might be sold even cheaper at the next sale. This price illusion is created through different Advertising Materials. But to discern this illusion, you have to understand the nature of the product.

For instance, during white sales that run in January, towels and sheets are cheaper than at Black Friday sales. Also, at the start of the New Year, gym memberships and equipment are cheaper because businesses understand people set New Year resolutions.

On the contrary, there are things that you must buy during Black Friday discounts because this is the time when you will get them the cheapest. Electronics are heavily discounted and this is the best time of the year to buy them. Smart home appliances, consoles, and LCDs could be bought cheaply as well. Some brands offer these discounts while others do not, so keep that in mind too.

Moreover, do not just look at the discount. Look at the product being sold also. Usually by the end of the year, stores already have sold their best toys. You can get them at a very less price during December but those might not be the best ones. So, it is better to grab them during Black Friday.


Burst the Doorbuster:

It might be an unpopular idea for a lot of people but you do not need to go haywire for a doorbuster deal. Luckily, retailers now tell in advance what would be available during these sales. But even if you know, you might not be able to get the product unless you are among the very first people who get in there. There is always a rush and chances of getting the product you want are low.

Instead, it is better to focus on online deals. The number of companies offering free shipping and home delivery services are increasing during Black Friday global. You do not need to step a foot outside your home to receive your products.

Stores are brimming with hundreds of products during sales. And companies strive to sell all of them. But you do not need everything in stores, of course. There methods you can adopt to reduce the costs and make your holidays pleasurable.

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