How to score good marks in 8th


None of the school classes are least important especially 8th class is extremely important for a student. This is the building stage of the student’s career. Usually students are full of stress during the exams. There are a number of subjects in class 8th but mathematics is the most difficult subject in class 8th. 8th class maths study material cbse is available online for the support of students. This is a very important exam even from the competitive point of view as well.

Due to internet introduction there are a number of sources for the preparation of exams for the students. From all the sources the previous year question papers are the best considered source for preparation because this will help to check the level of difficulty and to analyze the trends. The benefits from solving such papers are as follows:

  1. One can get knowledge about type of questions and pattern of paper:

One can get a thorough knowledge about the type of questions which are asked in the exam and can even come to know about the weight age of each chapters and their distribution in terms of marks.

  1. This will even strengthen their preparation levels and this will improve their practice scheduling and will even make them time effective.
  2. One can learn how to manage time in the exams by performing mock test papers so that there is no issue in the real exam when they appear.
  3. One can even frame the strategy to attempt the paper and can even think of how much time to be devoted to which chapter and specifically which question so that one can be aware of the things in the exam.

One can even get access to various online portals in order to prepare for exams and all the study material can be acquired even by paying some amounts of fees to the websites. The whole content is as per the latest changes in the syllabus. This will even help the students to have a quick revision of the concepts so that there is no time wastage by the students.

Following are some tips to be considered while appearing for the exams:

  1. Practice regularly:

Mathematics is all about practice of questions. Practicing daily will help the students to clear the concepts and this will even help them in exams. Some chapters like Exponents, linear equations and comparing quantities require regular practice.

  1. One must focus on the model test papers and the CBSE model test exams so that one may have the real examination experience in order to get in touch with the practical difficulties and devising various ways on how to overcome them and score good marks.
  2. By solving the papers one gets an idea of the pattern of the exam and this will help them to score good marks. Moreover, students should also clear their doubts through tutorials that help the students with the same.

One can search for the keyword class 8 maths worksheets cbse on the Edusaksham’s official website and get access to all the material necessary for exam preparations.

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