Hip Replacement India Price

Know The Cost of Hip Replacement in India and Also The Fact for Reduced Treatment Cost



When a patient requires orthopaedic treatment, the first place that strikes the mind of the patient in India. 

Now the question arises, what is the reason that attracts the patients for Hip Replacement in India?

  • First and foremost reason is the success rate of hip replacement surgery, which is close to 99%. The one per cent reduction is not because there is any failure of the treatment, but every surgery involves risk, and it cannot be 100% successful in all the conditions. 
  • Now, the second and most important reason is the cost of treatment in the country.
  • Apart from that, some other significant reasons include:
    • Immediate surgeries due to the availability of several top experienced surgeons
    • Advanced facilities and use of modern equipment
    • Over 40+ hospitals dealing in orthopaedic treatment, increasing the chance of cure of an increased number of patients
    • Separate units for emergency care

When some of the people are very happy about all the facilities for hip replacement surgery in the country, there are a few who doubt why the cost of treatment in the country is considerably low?

Continue to read to have the answer for the same.

Why the Cost of Hip Replacement in India Low Compared to Other Countries of the World?

The Approximate Cost of Hip Replacement in India is:

Single Hip Replacement: USD 6,000 to 8,000

Dual Hip Replacement:  USD 10,000 to 12,000

People often compare the cost of treatment to other countries like the US, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, Turkey and more. After the complete analysis, they find the price of treatment in India is the lowest. 

Some find it as a blessing, while others doubt the quality of treatment in the country. 

So, here is why the cost of treatment in the country low and affordable:

  • The first thing that reduces the cost of treatment in India is the price of medicine. India is one of the largest producers and exporters of medicine. It increases the value of drugs in other countries, keeping its lowest in India.
  • The nest thing is most of the surgical equipment is manufactured in India. We do not import it from anywhere. So, the surgeons, while treatment never includes the equipment cost in the surgery as their capital investment is less, so the end-user price is also economical.
  • Most of the surgeons in foreign countries are Indian. So, when they are treating in other countries, they charge high depending on overall expenses, but here in India, they treat the patients at the very nominal and reasonable price.

Final Words:

So, here all the things are in favour of the patient for hip replacement. You will never have to compromise on the quality of the treatment. The facts about the lowest cost are already discussed in the blog. Still, if you have any doubts or queries, you can approach Denesa Health, one of the finest medical tourism companies of India. They will be happy in answering all your queries. 


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