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Ikat is an intricate biting the dust procedure finished with silk or cotton textures. The final product is a bit of fabric washed and sparkled in beautiful examples. As a general rule, Orissa Ikat is related with sarees. Ikat examples are colored and binded into the strings before fabric is weaved. This separates it from the Tie and Dye process where the texture is woven in any case.

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Inception and History

The system which is referred to today as Ikkat had its birthplaces in various pieces of the world, for example, South East Asia, Central Asia, South America and West Africa! Ikat is one of the oldest methods of coloring textures. The expression “Ikat” itself is a deduction from the Malay word mengikat which intends to attach or to tie.

According to wellsprings of data, Orissa Ikat goes back to the twelfth century when craftsman from the Patan locale of current Gujarat relocated to Orissa and conveyed forward the art.


  • Orissa Ikat mostly grandstands three assortments:
  • Single Ikat is a procedure where either the twist yarns or the weft are colored.
  • The second technique of consolidated Ikkat has both twist yarns and the weft being utilized together in various pieces of the texture.
  • Twofold Ikat includes both twist and weft strings tied in an enormously exact way so when the strings from both hub work with one another at specific focuses to appear a finished example. These types of assortments are sold in ikkat cotton sarees wholesale.

The Making

Orissa Ikat utilizes a procedure called ‘oppose biting the dust’. Basically the center texture materials utilized in the Orissa Ikat are silk or cotton. The devices required for doing the procedure are – Pick, scissors, color tanks, elastic groups, or other binds material to oppose color.

The procedure begins with the twist or weft strings being packaged and bound with elastic groups which can oppose the activity of color hues. The groups, at that point, are attached to a wooden casing and put into the color tank. Here they are given rehashed color medicines to produce groups of pattern.Once the perishing procedure is finished, at that point begins the unpredictable and complex procedure of meshing these strings into a steady bit of texture. The whole procedure includes just about a whole family’s investment in various viewpoints.

Generally hues from plants, blossoms, and barks of trees were utilized as colors all the while. Be that as it may, lately, increment sought after for Orissa Ikat has filled the need to utilize synthetic colors also.

Present Day Scenario

Aside from different nations where Ikat is rehearsed, in India, Ikat is predominant in 3 states – Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. Ikat as a specialty has arrived at its zenith of flawlessness in Orissa. Orissa Ikat work is done in the locales of Bargarh, Sambalpur, Sonepur and some different regions of Orissa. The craftsmans of Orissa Ikat overwhelmingly have a place with the Meher people group.  You can always buy ikkat cotton sarees online.

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