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Indian food is one of the most versatile cuisines in the world. Just like the Indian culture the food of India also carries diversity and versatility. The people who have tasted Indian food once from the best chef can never get over the rich aroma and the unique taste of this special cuisine. People abroad always have the tendency to think that Indian food only consists of curry and is extremely spicy to burn their mouth. This is a completely vague concept and those who have actually tried all the varieties of Indian food will surely deny this theory. What makes Indian cuisine stand-alone from the other cuisine is the versatility of this. The varieties of spices and ingredients that are used in the dishes are what make Indian cuisine one of the best cuisines in the world.

If you have ever tried Indian cuisine you will surely want to try it once more and many times after that. Go for any Indian food catering Arlington if you live in this neighborhood and fulfill your craving. Indian restaurants will surely bring to you the miniature form of the entire Indian cuisine and by seated only in one place you will be able to travel throughout the 28 states of India. India is one such country which is filled with people belonging from various cultural background, they speak various languages, even their food habit and the process of cooking is also different. The 28 states probably have 28 different items of food each. Each of the states comprises the entire menu starting from starter to dessert. If you go to the farthest north as in Jammu and Kashmir you will get special items like Kasmiripolau, meethabhaat, Katha meat, maani and many more.

Indian Food Catering Arlington

If you move a bit downwards from there you will reach Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand and you will find dishes like Chana Marda, Dham, tudkiyabhat and many more. From there if you move towards the farthest west to Gujarat you will find delicious food items like Dhokla, Khakra, FAFRA, Thepla and many more. The most famous food of Rajasthan should be dal bati and churma. Punjab is an agricultural state so people over there enjoy wheat dishes like Chapatis, Naan, Kulchas and many more. Those who have not tasted the desi ghee laden parantha and butter chicken of Punjab can be said that they have wasted their lives in vain.

If you travel to the east side of India you will find delicious fish dishes as this region is surrounded by water bodies and thus fish dish is a very common dish over here. The most famous food from down south has to be Idlis, Dosas, vadas, and Sambar. Apart from all these, there are famous Marathi cuisines and Bihari cuisines. When you have tasted all of these you must also taste the street food of India as well. Street food is a whole other emotion of the people of India. So, get Indian restaurant coupons and start doing the food safari now.

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