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Most Demanding Jobs In Dubai


We know that Dubai is one of the most amazing places in the world to enjoy one’s holidays. There are amazingly gorgeous amusement parks, desert safaris, and the grand bungalows, which will make you awestruck. The things become a bit more exciting when you are going to shift in such an amazing place. But residing in such a famous tourist place means that the cost of living there is going to be extravagantly high. Thus, in order to ensure the standard of living which you are habitual to, you need to grab a decent job which can fetch you a good amount of money. But the problem is that there are many people who become very confused regarding the type of job which they should pick when shifted to a new place, as there are many new things which makes them think about this question. If you are one of those persons, then don’t worry. In this article, we are going to tell you about the most demanding jobs in Dubai, which are having the potential to attract a decent amount of money, if the potential candidate is having the caliber to perform the said jobs in UAE.

  • Graphic designers and Software developers: Dubai is one of the most advanced cities in the world and is growing at an amazing pace, whether its Dubai infrastructure or other areas. This makes it very obvious that there are plenty of jobs related to technology. This arises the need for graphic designers and the software developers, as these are the profession which is required in almost all the areas or sectors when your economy is growing at such an amazing speed.
  • Social media and marketing: Dubai has attracted many of the foreign investments towards it. There are many MNCs that have established their headquarters in Dubai and many others are planning to start their business operations in Dubai. This results in greater competitiveness in the corporate sector, which triggers the demand for marketing and social media experts. There are many companies that focus primarily on social media marketing for marketing their products and services.
  • Architects and Engineers: As said earlier, that Dubai’s economy is growing at an amazing speed, this triggers the infrastructural developments in Dubai also. This enhances the requirement of the engineers and architects. The legacy of Dubai’s infrastructural milestones is known to the world. It has witnessed the construction of many amazing skyscrapers and this sector is creating many new jobs in UAE.
  • Real Estate consultants: The real estate sector in Dubai is very big. There are many people residing in Dubai, which are intensely involved in the sale and the purchase of the luxury villas, Apartments, and Big Bungalows. Moreover, because of many people shifting there for employment also look for flats and homes, as this is one of the primary needs for them. This makes it very much clear that why being a Real estate Consultant is never going to be out of business in Dubai.

These were some of the jobs which are most demanding in Dubai. Apart from them, other jobs such as medical practitioners, Hotel staff, being in the food and beverage sector, etc. are also the most famous ones there.

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