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Invest in SBI Blue Chip Fund and Make Long-Term Wealth

SBI Bluechip direct (G) Fund ranks among the top 5 in its category. Since its inception in February 2006, SBI Blue Chip Fund has achieved 10.48 percent returns. Ms. Sohini Adani, a fund manager, pursues a bottom-up approach to stock picking. She invests in stocks with growth and reliable valuation. Investments in this fund can be made by investors looking at a well-diversified portfolio with relatively stable and low volatility in their equity portfolio with a period of 3 years. The SBI Bluechip direct (G) Fund invests in companies with a substantial corporate footprint, a good reputation, and market leaders in their fields. The fund has only those companies that have the potential for steady growth. Investments in SBI Bluechip Direct Plan (G) can be seen by investors looking at a well-di

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