Today, people are celebrating wedding even in a grander way as they want to make the ceremony memorable. They celebrate the ceremony both in a traditional way and modern way. They perform all the rituals that are inherent in their tradition to respect the sentiments of their elders. They also arrange for the modern equipments, and enjoy leisurely during the marriage. The marriage reception is usually organized in an informal way. In large cities, many marriage venues are available that are arranged with several amenities and facilities. The marriage venues in ncr provide all types of amenities to the visitors.  The visitors can enjoy in the best possible manner.

Enjoying marriage party to the fullest

The visitors and the hosts enjoy in the best possible manner. The eve of marriage day is known as ‘mehndi’ program in North India. On this day, the close relatives or inmates of the bride draw mehndi on the palms of the bride. Some of the enthusiast bride also extends the drawing to the hands from the palms also. The marriages are celebrated in the most luxurious way. The marriage venues in ncr are designed beautifully and are surrounded by rich landscapes. Some of the luxurious marriage venues are made of amusement parks, water parks and other joyrides also. The children can just feel the place like an Eden.

The amusement to be enjoyed at the marriage venue

The water park is a wonderful feature that can be enjoyed during the event. They can spend their leisure time in the best possible way. The visitors are usually bored to sit down in a place without performing any activity. When, the bride and the bride groom are busy performing rituals, then the visitors can enjoy in the best possible manner. They can spend their leisure time in a most joyful manner. They can enjoy different joyrides such as trains, caterpillar, mono cycle, jet plane, pan ball, drum run, stage activities, commando net, etc. The children can spend their time wonderfully. They are bored if they are not provided with playthings. So, many luxury marriage venues in ncr provide several luxurious amenities to the guests.

The guests can enjoy their stay in luxurious and deluxe rooms. They can enjoy room service for 24 hours and enjoy watching television with different satellite channels. In most of the luxurious rooms, flat screen television is also available. They can iron their clothes before attending any ritual or function in the hall or outdoors. Most of them comprise of attached bathroom.  They provide wheelchair accessibility to the people suffering from disability. So, the marriage venues can provide every comfort and convenience to all the members including the hosts and the visitors.  The rooms are usually furnished in an elegant way providing facilities for controlling climate, mini-refrigerator to stock their favorite items, etc.

The luxury marriage venues in ncr also provide hot and cold water to the visitors and they can choose the type of water they want. The visitors can also request for daily newspapers. They can enjoy the rich-quality food and enjoy with unlimited items on the table.

The marriage places provide the most luxurious experience to the visitors.

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