The Next Big Thing in Social Media Apps

The Next Big Thing in Social Media Apps


Social Media Apps are constantly evolving and it is exciting to see what will the next big trend in the social media industry. Social media has a user-base of 3.5 billion and the number is constantly rising.

The popular social media apps have to keep up with the changing demands of the users and businesses and need to modify timely.

Social media apps are changing their algorithms to gain the trust of their users.

The coming years are expected to see more money invested in social media campaigns and more growth in the influencer marketing sector.

What Social Media will look like in the near future?

1. Enhanced Privacy and Security

One of the most important components on any platform is security. People will use social media only when they will be able to trust the particular social media platform.

People have all the right to know where their data has been used. In the coming future, there will be an increase in the users opting for the “Dark Social”. This involves any data sharing or online interaction that happens privately like messaging, emails, etc for private sharing.

According to a report, 84% of the consumers sharing from websites are using the Dark Social. This figure is definitely going to increase in the future.

2. Premium Services and Fewer Ads

Too many Ads drive away social media users away from a particular social media page and act as a turnoff. Premium subscriptions are increasing as more users are opting for disturbance-free social media experience.

Premium services also provide high-quality images, videos, and audios. In 2019, Youtube launched its premium subscription. Social media apps companies are investing in launching premium services to provide quality services to users.

3. Less Personal Content and More Videos, Visuals and Memes

Videos and visuals are rising on social media. Social media companies have started to inculcate live videos on their platforms, Instagram and Facebook to name a few.

There is a drop in personal content sharing in the last few years. Users are now opting for sharing articles and memes. Social media are focusing on developing less personal data and more attractive visuals and funny memes.

There is a rise in the visual content as depicted by a few social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Camera access is now easier by users. Almost all smartphones come with a built-in camera. Social media is drifting towards visualization to make the content more interesting and visually appealing.

4. Focus on the AR Technology Will Increase

One of the famous social media platforms that have made use of AR Technology is Snapchat that has features like dog filters and Bitmoji.

Some of the upcoming AR features are:

  • AR Videos
  • AR Live Events
  • Using AR to create brand awareness
  • Using AR technology to enhance the buying experience

5. Social Commerce will Make a New Push

The next phase of innovation in the field of social commerce will come from emerging economies.

Instagram has already allowed startups and businesses to make their digital pages and make profits using video and visual content and paid marketing campaigns.

The GlobalWebIndex report predicts,

“shopping via social channels may be an APAC-based phenomenon for now, but a culmination of trends is laying the groundwork for social commerce to gain traction in the West.

What can you do?

Make sure to design your social media strategies in accordance with social commerce. You can add product videos and images to make the process appealing to the consumers.

6. Analytics Dashboard will Become More Important

You should never overlook the importance of analytics. The developers are working to improve analytics performance by using a tool that synchronizes all the data and provides you a complete chart.

Use a dashboard that gives you all the reports from a wide view. This will help you in building strategies for social media marketing.

Using the right tool for competitor analytics is a crucial thing to outrank and win your place above everybody. Linkio is a tool that will analyze your competitors and give you the perfect percentage of anchor text usage which you can use in your link building activities.

7. Chatbots

One of the most beneficial tools on any platform is Chatbot. A Chatbot is a software that conducts a conversation through textual and auditory methods.

The app developers are focusing on using social media platforms for installing Chatbots. This will help in increasing consumer engagement and discovering new products.

This will help people in a number of tasks such as solving queries and FAQs, making reservations, getting location details, and more. Chatbots acts as virtual assistants. The banking industry has seen a rise in the virtual assistants which are designed to simplify the needs of the customers. It also helps in increasing the conversion rates of businesses by addressing people who could be your potential buyers.

This software can simulate a conversation with the customers in their native languages. Chatbots is one of the most promising tools for human and machine interaction which helps in enhancing the customer experience. This also helps in cutting the cost of hiring a customer service team.

The app developers can use different ways to develop a chatbot. Different types of chatbots are created on different social media platforms depending upon the nature of users on the platform. By combining different types of Artificial Intelligence forms some of them being – natural language processing, machine learning and more, the user experience will improve largely.


It’s is exciting to know what next year will bring in the field of social media. Trends like live videos, AI, AR chatbots are going to change the trends of social media. The coming years will bring more interesting features that will aid in the conversions of brands. The trust relationship between owner and user will improve by transparency reports and employees as influencers.

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