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To invest in stocks can be a bit tricky if you are a novice investor. A disciplined approach, proper degree of research, clear level of understanding with patience are vital aspects to make it big in a stock market. You might also have to educate yourself about which is the best trading platform in India. In addition, having a concise idea about the fundamentals of stock marketing is also important.

A beginner is likely to be lured by the big returns that accrues with a stock market investing. By investing in stock market you can rake in a huge chunk of profits. At the same time, you have to make use of the volatility attached to this level of the market. Due to stock market fluctuations a great deal of risk is attached while investing in stock market. If you follow a systematic approach you can make money in this market. No clear cut formula exists of minting money in the stock market as patience along with discipline works out to be the key. For your long term investment plans there are some rules to follow as far as stock market investing is concerned.

Complete the basic formalities

Once you are planning to invest in stock market complete all the essential formalities. A few essentials like you have to possess a PAN card and a demat account for trading in India. Now you need to also understand on how this account is different from a trading account. It means you can hold shares in electronic form in any corner of the world. If you are looking to trade in stock market you need to possess a trading account. In modern times it is easy to open an online trading account with the help of a stock broker.

Be informed and update yourself

A suggestion would be to read a number of stock books and really good articles about share market investing. If you have genuine interest in stocks and plan to make money from the stock market, then trust me you are going to enjoy every bit of it. You have to ensure that the basics are clear and be aware of the specific terms that is normally used in a stock exchange.

Do not fall into the trap of herd mentality

Do not be carried away as our decisions are not to be influenced by the people around us. The choice is better to base a decision based on our own financial objectives. A general reaction is that if others invest in a particular stock we also end up doing the same. This attitude towards investing needs to be worked upon if you are planning to make money from the stock market.

Last an important point of consideration is that you have to step out from your comfort zone. If you are planning to make money from the stock market you need to widen your investment horizon. For risk averse investors they are other investment options.

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