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Information technology is essentially the use of computers, its storage systems, networking and physical devices. It also includes the infrastructure and the processes to create, store, process, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data. In short, IT makes use of the context of enterprise operations as opposes to entertainment and personal technologies.

The two major components of IT are hardware and software. Components of IT hardware are equipment, virtualization and management of automation tools. And the components of Software are, software applications and operating systems that are useful in performing essential computer functions. Of late, IT architectures have evolved to include cloud computing and virtualization as well.

Information technology jobs:

The IT jobs are flourishing to an alarming extent. Nearly every single company starting from a software design firm to the biggest IT company, there is number of IT jobs that help in running the business smoothly. Almost all of the IT jobs fall into four broad categories, namely computer scientists, computer engineers, computer programmers and systems analysts. Human resource managers who are responsible for recruiting the IT employees are also familiar with the myriad jobs that the IT sector has to offer.

Some job titles that the IT sector has to offer for its people are,

  • Associate in database administration
  • Technical support representative
  • Software engineer
  • Software programmer and analyst
  • Network specialist
  • Interactive digital media specialist
  • Information systems operator and analyst

Scope of Information technology jobs in India:

Information technology was introduced way back in 1992 and it has remained to be one of the hottest industries in India, rendering thousands of jobs each year. The IT sector is a field that is undergoing rapid evolution and is changing the shape of the Indian business. India is the only country that offers the best IT jobs across different segments in the industry. Some of the most attractive and the hottest jobs in the IT sector are IT services, software products, internet and mobility, Engineering and R&D.

The Indian IT industry has already started to move from enterprise servicing to providing the enter enterprising solutions by incorporating social, analytics, mobile and cloud platforms. Such a leap has not only created low cost IT solutions and profit margins, but also exceptional revenues and cash flows.

The policy makers of the country have started to support digital India and are stressing much on digitalization. This is making paper work pretty less and there is a tremendous need for IT professionals at each and every segment of life. There is also tremendous scope on big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The IT industry no doubt is emerging to be a superpower in 2020.

Final words:

The IT jobs in India are growing at a tremendous speed in the modern era. The job also renders attractive pay packages for job seekers. Even a fresh IT graduate in the country are able to end up in a five-digit salary soon after graduation, there are also chances for them to go abroad easily.

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