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Top 7 Productivity Apps for MAC OS


We all know how fewer apps there are on MAC OS. The main prime reason behind why there aren’t many apps available on the Mac app store is the “sandboxing” requirement, which is a software management strategy that isolates the application from critical system resources and other programs. It provides an extra layer of security that prevents malware or harmful applications from negatively affecting your system. A lot of time tracking app for Mac are also liable to follow these rules. 

Hence, there are fewer apps available on the Mac store, there is less competition out there, which leads to expensive apps.  That’s why we are here today, listing down the top 7 productive apps for your MAC OS so that you could put your money in the best apps. 


Today almost every business official is connected through emails. Unintentionally these individuals spend a lot of time communicating through emails. This particular app was developed to assist existing Gmail and G suit users.

Its detailed reports show you how long it took you to read and write emails, your top email priority and sources, your response time on average, and many other insights that you could use to improve your email productivity. They provide 14 days of a free trial.  


Are you still storing your passwords in the old fashioned way in clear text? Or even worse on a post-it note? If not, you probably are using the same password for all of your accounts, which can be very vulnerable to breach. If you fall under any of the above conditions. This is the app is for you. 

This Mac OS application remembers and saves all your passwords in one place, it also suggests a randomly generated strong password different for every account, which can take up security to a whole new level. 


In the growing world of freelancers and remote employees, this app stands out to assist employers. It is also helpful if you are arranging a group of people as a manager and you want to keep track of their engagement activities.  

Staff Timer is a Mac OS app. It is a time tracking software for employees, which allows employers to access remote employee monitoring. It provides live timesheets and intelligent reports, also lets you know about streamline workflow through screenshots at regular intervals.


This app is not going to pour out drinks for you. Nevertheless, this app will help you to reorganize the menu bar on your Mac.   

Of course, you can reposition your menu bar item in OS X by pressing command and drag the item around. Anyhow, this app takes it to one step further and allows the user to reposition the third-party applications. It also helps you to completely hide the item from the menu bar. 


Hazel is an organizer tool for Mac that can help you to automatically organize your files and customize them. This is completely flexible and affects only the folders that you explicitly tell it to, with the rules that you define. The concept is good, and the implementation is great. It might take you a little while to get used to the way rules should be arranged, but Hazel lets you download sample rule sets to learn how to get started. 


With trello, you can organize projects and tasks as so-called boards, lists, and cards. For example, using labels you can visually tag each card based on the status of the article, including “Idea” or “optimized”. 


We know that every popular word processor and OS has built-in spell checkers. But let’s be completely honest, they all usually don’t work really well. Grammarly’s artificially intelligent power writing assistant can help you take your writing to the next level by fixing advanced spelling and grammatical issues and recommending changes in style and tone. 

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