Field service business software

Uses of Field Service Management Software


As the industries like security system, medical devices enterprises, IT and communications services companies are growing, the demand for field service management software is also increasing. It is prevalent among field service companies as they help in minimizing the scheduling cost and boost customer satisfaction. If you make use of top field service software in service industry, then you can avail lots of benefits.

Following are the uses of this software:

Invoicing and Payment

  • Generate invoices from the field
  • Record and collect payments from the field
  • Generate invoices automatically in QuickBooks
  • With a work order management system, nothing ever slips through the cracks. If the work order was created in FP and the technician worked on it. then rest assured you will be billing correctly.

Custom pricing for different customers

  • Often businesses sell the same product at different prices to different customers. This is usually a repeat customer with whom you have negotiated certain prices for certain products.
  • With Field software, you are able to define the prices for products, by customer. When a product is added to a work order, the correct amount is populated.  The process is automated.

Expense tracking

Mileage tracking

  • Technicians are constantly driving from one job to the next. In many cases, the mileage is chargeable to the customer.  Technicians are busy and often forget to record the mileage.
  • In Field service business software, the technician is able to keep a track of his miles within the work order making it easy to record and easy to remember.

Calendar views

  • Multiple calendar views for different perspectives
  • Drag and drop schedules and save a few clicks
  • Keep a track of unassigned work orders
  • Colors code your technicians to create efficient schedules
  • Organize your technicians by work group or skill level
  • Live job status updates
  • Configure what you want to see on the calendar

GPS Tracking

View location of all your work orders on a map

  • Poor route planning can get expensive. Reducing the amount of miles driven by a technician saves Technician time, gas and truck maintenance.
  • To avoid this, the software provides an elaborate mapping functionality whereby the dispatcher can view the work orders by the color designated to the Technician.

Team Management

  • Assign team leads to work groups for better operations management
  • Elevated authority for assigning work and approving time worked
    • As work groups get larger, it becomes more difficult to manage all the technicians from the office. There comes a point when you need to create smaller work groups and manage it with lead technicians.
    • In this, there are 2 types of security level. Administrators have full access to the entire application, whereas Technicians limited access and are able to only see the work that has been assigned to them. This is a great mechanism to keep this centralized and control, while decentralizing some of the tasks to better manage daily operations.

Manage Customers

  • Customer portal to provide your larger customer base the flexibility to create/view their own work orders
  • View historical customer information (work orders / estimates)
  • Maintain notes on your customer’s profile

The above mentioned benefits are the major pros of this software. So what are you waiting for? Employ it and have a hassle free service.

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