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Trading in stock and shares has become a common phenomenon all around the world. Every individual wants to invest in the shares market of their respective country and even foreign markets in order to earn a profit in their investment. People who invest on a regular basis in the stock market and use at as their main source of income are termed as traders. Moreover, with the advent of online stock exchange services, individuals can invest in any share, equity or stock option of any market in order to earn a profit. However, this requires opening of a Demat account which helps an individual to invest in stock and shares from anywhere using any smart device.

Apart from all the prerequisites mentioned above, individuals can also employ the services of stock brokerage firms or stock brokers. Stock brokerage companies charge a certain amount of money in order to provide certain services which are termed as brokerage. Traders look for suitable stock brokerage companies who provideĀ low brokerage high exposure facilities. Traders want to earn maximum profits by spending the least brokerage with the highest exposure in terms of better market information and dynamic trading. Brokerage firms and brokers provide following facilities which make them indispensable for trading in the stock market worldwide.

These include:

  1. Timely market information:

Stock brokerage companies provide timely market information and guidance to traders so that they can make informed decisions related to investment in stocks and shares. Stock brokerage companies employ the best professional brokers who possess the knowhow and skill to provide to help the traders with their investment decisions.

  1. Creation of an investment portfolio:

Stock brokerage companies also help the traders in creation of best investment portfolio which combines various types of equities marketed by different companies and other investment options. They help in creation of a diverse investment portfolio which provides the least risk and higher chances of profitability.

  1. Help in opening up of online Demat account:

Stock brokerage firms help in opening up of online Demat accounts. They help a trader to open a personal Demat account with stock market by charging a certain amount. However, there are certain brokerage companies which provide zero brokerage and charge plans if a trader opts for their yearly packages. Demat account helps a trader to deal in shares in an electronic format which increases the overall security of the trading system. Opening of an online trading account helps a trader to deal in shares electronically using any device.

  1. Low brokerage and high exposure plans:

Brokerage firms have their own customized low brokerage and high exposure plans which decreases their risk on one hand and increases their profitability on the other hand. They try to diversify the investment portfolio of a trader which decreases their overall risk and probability of losses.

  1. Other allied services:

Brokerage firms also provide other small benefits like investment on the behalf of the trader, upkeep of trading records, preparation of profitability and market analysis statistics reports etc.

These features make brokerage firms more appealing than individual brokers who charge higher brokerage and do not guarantee returns from investment.

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