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WhatsApp Spy Software to Track Employees’ Company Owned WhatsApp Data - Film Reviews

WhatsApp Spy Software to Track Employees’ Company Owned WhatsApp Data

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The entrepreneurs across the world employ different tools and tactics to protect company assets, monitor employees and secure business data.In this article, we have particularly discussed the mobile phone spy software thatenables business owners and managers to keep an eye onemployees and protect sensitive information.Once you install the app on company-owned digital devices, you can ensure security of data saved on those devices. The app uploads the data to the online storage from where you can retrieve it anytime. Read on to know how you can secure WhatsApp data with the use of WhatsApp spy app.

An Overview of WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the most commonly used instant messaging app that is being used in many small and large scale business organizations for the purpose of internal and external communication. The instant messaging app enables users to exchange text messages, voice messages, voice recordings, GPS location, documents, photos and videos. It allows communicating with individuals and groups at the same time by calling or messaging them.

WhatsApp Spy App of TheOneSpy

It is important to supervise employee communication to prevent them from gossips, unproductive discussions and harassments. The monitoring of data exchanged via WhatsApp enables employers to restrict their workers from transmitting sensitive information to unauthorized groups. The high-tech tracking app of TheOneSpy enables employers to access WhatsApp chats of their workers without taking their mobile phones into possession. The app automatically syncs messages exchanged via instant messenger and uploads to a secret online account. It also allows creating an online backup of important data saved on company-owned mobile phone devices.

How the WhatsApp Tracking App Work?

The surveillance software works with great efficiency and confidentiality. Once you install the app on the company-owned mobile phone devices, it lets you know what activities are being performed by your workers on the instant messenger. The app accesses data received and sent via WhatsApp messenger through the monitored cell phone. It uploads that data to the online portal of the spy app from where the employer can access and retrieve it. The app performs all functions with secrecy without giving any hint to the mobile phone user. Moreover, it is not easy to detect the WhatsApp tracking app on a mobile phone. The app icon is hidden and functions of the app are untraceable.

Core Features of WhatsApp Monitoring Software

The mobile phone surveillance app comes preloaded with scores of features enabling employers to secure WhatsApp data saved on company-owned mobile phone devices. We have discussed below the significant features of the app.

Read Messages

The WhatsApp spy app lets you know what messages your employees receive and send. You can keep an eye on their online chats without accessing their phones. Whatever they exchange through WhatsApp in form of text messages can be read direct from the online portal of TheOneSpy. It helps secure data exchanged via instant messenger. You can also protect conversations made among customers,junior staff, management, higher authoritiesand third parties.

Listen to Voice Messages & Recordings

The instant messenger allows exchanging voice messages and voice recordings. You can listen to verbal messages exchanged via WhatsApp through company-owned mobile phone devices.The surveillance software secretly syncs these chats and uploads to the online portal.

Watch Out Photos & Videos

The WhatsApp tracking app creates an online backup of photos and videos exchanged by your employees through company-owned devices. It secures all important media files having sensitive company information. The backup allows retrieving deleted media files anytime and from anywhere.

Track Calls

You can keep track of WhatsApp voice and video calls made and received by your employees. The surveillance app gets access to WhatsApp call logs and uploads to the online portal to make it available for the employer.

Monitor Status Updates

The screen recording feature of the WhatsApp tracking app lets you monitor status updates. You can send command to the targeted device to start screen recording to capture all activities performed on the instant messenger.

Record WhatsApp Activities

The secret app lets you supervise online activities of your employees by keeping an eye on their WhatsApp stuff. It starts recording screen as your suspicious worker starts using the instant messenger.

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