The Controversy about Tai Lopez

The question who is Tai Lopez is one that has come up numerous times because of the controversies that continue to surround him. If you perform a Google search for Tai Lopez, the first few results display questions like, “Is Tai Lopez a scam?”, “Is Tai Lopez Legit?” Perhaps the questions have come up because people wonder how this guy got to be so rich.

When he dropped his first video, “Here in my garage” on YouTube talking about how he loves books and not his Lamborghini, people instantly got curious. People started searching for answers trying to find more information about the guy. The controversy has worked for him because people want to watch his videos just to see Tai.

Tai Lopez is a millionaire whose videos have a viewership of more than 200 million times a year. Tai is good at using social media, and even has a beginner’s course on how to start a social media agency. The course has helped many make money. Tai has also released a program, “The 67 Steps”, and this has fueled people into asking who Tai Lopez is all over again. Everybody is trying to find out if his program is real or it’s a scam.

A lot of people are starting to wonder if the guy is truly a millionaire or if he’s just renting Lamborghinis to put on an act. There have been many rumors flying around when people started noticing that some things about the millionaire don’t add up. The following are some of the stories that surround Tai.

1. The translucent key tag

There has been a rumor that Tai has been renting his Lamborghini just to show off. The rumor started when someone noticed a translucent tag on his keys. The object was similar to those of rental cars. The issue could be a coincidence, and he might just have bought a key tag akin to that of rental keys.

2. The expensive mansion

Tai lives in a $44 million home, and most people believe that it’s also a rental. A lot of critics think that Tai has kept the truth hidden from his viewers, by implying that he owns the mansion. Many believe that as much as Tai is a millionaire, the price tag is hefty for a millionaire his rank. Many skeptics believe that Tai has rented the mansion to deceive his audience into believing that he is richer than he is.

An in-depth analysis on the rumors will tell you two things. Firstly, no one has any proof that Tai is renting any of the property. The rumors are just speculation. Secondly, if he was renting the property, his intention might not be to mislead anyone. Marketing is an illusion, and even big companies sometimes have to create illusions to sell their products.

What is Tai’s Net Worth?

Although the exact figure is hard to estimate since his business is growing rapidly, Tai makes about $3 million annually. The millionaire makes most of the money by using ads and videos. The videos have a recurring fee, and that is what has enabled Tai to make lots of money. However, a lot of people are also not happy with the recurring fee that seems to hide at the bottom of the sign-up page.

Tai also sends emails on his books summaries where he incorporates Amazon links. Once you click on the Amazon link, and you make a purchase, Tai makes an affiliate commission from the sale. In reality, the summary he sent you in the email is what you end up buying.

Click Bank sells the 67 Steps program, and this somehow makes his program legit because Click Bank is a legit site. Click Bank has a money back policy, and you can always get back your money if you are not happy with the program. Looking at Tai Lopez program, it is not a scam if you can get a refund.

The question on who is Tai Lopez is a complex one depending on what angle you are looking at him. Some people will tell you that he’s a brilliant millionaire, while others will tell you that he’s a crafty con artist. The truth us that whatever angle you look at him from, he has made millions using tools that all of us have at our disposal.