Why your Washing Machine Smells and How to Clean It?

Why your Washing Machine Smells and How to Clean It?

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A washing machine is one of the most useful and essential home appliances. It is needed for better washing of your clothes in lesser time with little physical effort. Advancement in technology has made washing machines more automated and efficient.

A washing machine always needs proper maintenance for working efficiently. A washing machine with dirt and foul smell cannot make your clothes dirt-free and fresh in smell. Even the best automatic washing machine should smell good for working properly and maintaining hygiene as well. Read on to know the reasons for the bad smell in a washing machine and the ways to clean it.

Reasons for bad smell in a washing machine

There are two types of washing machines available in the market – front-load washing machines and top-load washing machines. Many things are responsible for the bad smell in both the kind of machines. 

One of the major reasons is the use of the wrong kind of washing powder. Front-load washing machines use very less water as compared to top-load ones. The small amount of water is unable to rinse away the soap fully. This results in the washing drum getting coated with a layer of soap scum mixed with dirt from your clothes. The scum converts into bacteria and germs. Another reason for the dirty smell in front-load washing machines is the accumulation of filth and soap in the rubber door gasket. 

In the case of top-load washing machines, foul smell is usually caused by closed washer lid when not in use. This does not allow the moisture in the washer tub to dry, resulting in a foul smell. Using the wrong kind of washing powder results in the accumulation of dirt in the tub but is easier to clean as compared to front-load washing machines.

Things needed to clean the washing machine

You always need strong cleaning agents for removing dirt and bacteria from your washing machine. You can use vinegar, baking soda, oxygen bleach or citric acid to clean your washing machine.

Steps to remove foul smell from your washing machine

  • Select a cleaning agent

A strong cleaning agent is essential for making your washing machine smell good. You can use baking soda with water or white vinegar which are easily available in the market. 

  • Fill the drum with the cleaning agent

You can wash the drum of your washing machine, filling it with any of the cleaning agents. For a front-load washing machine, you need to add baking soda to the softener dispenser and vinegar to the detergent dispenser before starting the wash cycle. For a top-load washing machine, add baking soda and vinegar in running water. Run the machine for a few minutes to combine the cleaning agents with water. When it is being done, let the mixture soak for some time before you run a cycle. Bosch washing machine could be a good option to choose if you are looking for going strong washing machine for less maintenance. 

  • Run a wash cycle

After you have added the cleaning agents, run a complete cycle. The baking soda and vinegar break up the residue stuck in the drum. Removal of dirt will make your washing machine free from bad odor.

  • Repeat the wash cycle

If odor still lingers, run another cycle with only hot water.

  • Scrub away the remaining dirt

If any residue or spots are being left after running the cycle, you can clean them using a toothbrush or scrubber. Apply vinegar to the spots and scrub them with a brush.

  • Clean the door gasket/lid

Now you can move on to cleaning the door gasket in case of a front-load washing machine and lid and tub’s rim in case of a top-load washing machine. You can use a towel soaked in vinegar to clean them. Wipe the washing machine with a dry cloth at the end. Always leave the door/lid open after cleaning the washing machine. This will help the air to circulate and moisture to dry.

Maintenance and care are of utmost important for the longevity of electronic devices. Washing machines have upgraded, and those with advanced features are high-priced. If you do not clean them at regular intervals, it would be a waste of your money.

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